Project management life cycle

Information gathering

In this first step of the project in addition to the strategy we plan on using in order to achieve the desired results. During the First phase we’ll appoint a project manager who in turn - based on his or her experience and skills - will select the required team members.

Project management life cycle


The second step is planning and should include a detailed breakdown and assignment of each task of our project from beginning to end. The Planning Phase will also include a risk assessment in addition to defining the criteria needed for the successful completion of each task.

Project management life cycle

Design & Development

The third planning is Design Phase. In this phase we design the project as per the your requirements. In product and system development, a design resulting in a specific set of product requirements is created.

Project management life cycle

Testing & Delivery

The project manager will be tweaking the little things to ensure that the project is brought to its proper conclusion. The testing & delivery phase is typically highlighted by a written formal project review report which contains the following elements: a formal acceptance of the final product


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Awesome Developers

   Impressive technical skills.


  Passion for their work.

  Previous (positive) experience working with clients.

  Excellent communication skills.

  Problem-solving skills.